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Our Mission

Bringing community to families and their babies.

Our Vision

​We envision a society where the transition to parenthood is supported and communities come together to ensure all infants thrive.

Our Story

Since its creation in 1991, GBCV has proven that even small, everyday actions can make a big difference for families with new babies.

Are you expecting a baby? Connect with us before baby arrives and let us help you with your postnatal support system. Learn about our series of FREE early parenting workshops that will help you feel ready for your postpartum transition. Request a prenatal visit from one of our amazing Postpartum Angels.
Are you a new mom or dad? Check out what’s going on at The Nest, a cozy baby-friendly space designed for you and your little one. We’ve also got lots of information about activities and resources especially for families with babies and toddlers.
Looking for ways to help make the postpartum transition smoother for families in your community? Learn more about volunteer opportunities or make a donation to Good Beginnings.

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I am a…

We would like to take the time to celebrate and recognize the efforts of Sheila as an incredibly amazing Good Beginnings Postpartum Angel. Sheila has done an absolutely over-and-beyond job of carrying our out mission to bring community to families and their babies. We are so blessed to have Sheila on our Postpartum Angel team!

Featured Events

Climb Out of the Darkness

Good Beginnings of Central Vermont is excited to announce Central Vermont’s first-ever Climb Out of the Darkness event on June 23rd, 2018. This annual, worldwide event is coordinated by Postpartum Support International and is the largest awareness-raising event devoted to perinatal mental health.

Good Beginnings is organizing a Climb Out of the Darkness to help shine a light on the fact that postpartum mood and anxiety disorders are the most common complication of childbirth – and often go undiagnosed. Our Climb will also raise funds to support Good Beginnings’ unique and critical work supporting Central Vermont families during the perinatal period and throughout the transition to parenthood. Please join us! #Climb

Mama’s Circle Barre

Parents are busy and overwhelmed – we know! It can help so much to know we aren’t alone in our journey through sleepless nights, poop explosions, strained resources… the list goes on and on. Parents with babies are invited to enjoy some social time and FREE refreshments!

The Circle brings moms together to foster a sense of community so we all feel connected and less alone in our unique-but-shared experiences. Come as you are, when you can, for as long as you can. Judgment-free zone. Leave with your cup refilled. Meets every 2nd Friday of the month 9:30-11:30.

*A coupon for a free yoga class will be given to each new parent that attends Mama’s Circle Barre thanks to the wonderful folks at Yoga Barre!