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The Listening Wall Project

My Biggest Challenge Was…

  • Getting through the day knowing it will eventually get easier.
  • Not knowing what was happening to me- thinking it was my fault.
  • Divorce, surviving PPD.
  • My family was not getting along. I felt I was to blame.
  • Navigating my traumatic birth experience.

Here’s How I Felt:

  • Angry. All the time. Especially at my husband.
  • Irritated, incapable, bad mom, bad person, failure… exhausted.
  • I felt anxious, lonely, overwhelmed, guilty, unworthy of being a mom.
  • Terrified, lonely, lost, very sad.
  • Lost and alone. Broken.

I’m climbing because…

  • So more people will know about PPD.
  • Not everyone has the support I did.
  • No one should suffer alone.
  • I went through one of the most difficult times in my life as a new overwhelmed, anxious, depressed, parent, but survived.
  • Because I survived, but many do not.
  • Of two women- both great moms- who struggled with PPD.
  • Motherhood is as hard as it is beautiful!
  • For solidarity.
  • To support my friends.
  • I wish I had reached out. It is hard to reach out. I want to make that easier for others.
  • This happened to me after a miscarriage. I was confused and didn’t know why this was happening to me. I am thankful for your organizations support. I wish you had been there all those years ago.
  • After my daughter passed away (2010) from SIDS at 4 months old I’ve struggled with PTSD, the guilt of always wondering if I missed something, and severe health issues. Then I had my son in 2014 and as much as he saved me I had severe PPD and after a very traumatic pregnancy I lost almost a whole year of enjoying him because of my kidney dying and it hadn’t been caught. I was told to go to mental health when I went in because of pain and sickness. Now I just gave birth to a little girl and its hard to share the emotional roller coaster with anyone. Sadly friends and family were scared to bond with my son because of my first daughters passing. Its nice to see there are woman out there not having to suffer alone. Its really hard to get better when your treated like your lazy and crazy… that your sadness is something you choose to allow. Worse when I did reach out to be prepared this time the only focus was about the kids being in danger and I wish I could stress that not all PPD is that extreme and when your sad you can’t get help without the judgement or fear of losing your children. I guess my feeling is that there needs to be support for those who have none that helps a mom who is struggling so she can deal with the PPD because I did survive but, even now I’m still picking up the pieces and get frustrated having to deal with things that could have been resolved if there had been help.

What Helped Me Through it Was…

  • My Good Beginnings volunteer.
  • The support of family and friends.
  • My family’s love.
  • Sleep.
  • Journaling, exercise, medication, family.
  • The support from my loves ones. Visits, food, tears, and feeling like I was being heard.
  • Having a “mom” friend to share with.
  • Time.
  • Having friends I could call.
  • Therapy.
  • Hearing the stories of other folks who have been there.
  • Medication.
  • Talking to others. No secrets. No shame.
  • Using nursing as a break.
  • Asking for help.

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