Volunteer With Us

“My volunteer has been such a touchstone for me on all aspects of new motherhood.
I really valued her friendship and guidance enormously.”

Take action in your local community…

Share your time, caring, and wisdom with a new mom and her baby by visiting during the tender 4th trimester – when all families need a helping hand.

Being supported by a strong parenting community in the early months postpartum can shape a parent’s confidence to parent from the very beginning of her mothering time. You can help combat isolation and postpartum depression by connecting with a local family! We thank you for considering us in your gift of time!


Postpartum Angel

Postpartum Angels are the core of our programs, and are treasured in the community as essential support to new families of Washington county and beyond. Your volunteer commitment level is unique to your individual schedule. Good Beginnings is happy to accommodate different levels of commitment.

Postpartum Angels are matched with a family in their community who is expecting or has just welcomed a new baby. Your training begins by attending an informative orientation. All your questions are answered and you are given resources to follow your heart and gut while visiting your families. Volunteers are invited to attend 6 Purple Coffee Hours per year, which are offered on-site at Good Beginnings. Additional resources are available on our Volunteer Training page.

Postpartum Angels visit their families for 2-3 hours weekly or biweekly for up to 3 months. Between 15 and 20 families per month request a volunteer, and are interested in anywhere from a single informational visit to the full 3 months of weekly visits. Volunteer home visitors need strong communication skills and knowledge of service agencies available to assist families with newborn babies. Volunteers provide a link to community resources, offer education and support with emphasis on maternal/infant bonding, infant care, breastfeeding, fatherhood, nutrition, and literacy. Postpartum Angels are given a welcome bag full of gifts and health and safety information for each new family they visit with.

In Loving Arms Visitor

These visitors are matched with a newborn or infant who is boarding at CVMC due to medical issues such as premature birth, addiction, or other concerns. In Loving Arms volunteers are on standby to visit the nursery when needed to cuddle and comfort boarding infants under the supervision of a licensed nurse.

In some cases, visitation for these babies is minimal. In other cases, parents are there around the clock and need respite. In either case, our volunteers will provide in-arms care visits for young patients while they recover. Research has shown that in-arms care helps babies to thrive and develop emotional wellness. These visits may translate to home visits when the infant is released from CVMC. This group of visitors attends the Good Beginnings orientation and the Central Vermont Medical Center volunteer training. In Loving Arms visitors receive additional training opportunities on relevant topics.

To qualify for the In Loving Arms position you must be actively participating in the Good Beginnings Postpartum Angel program for at least 6 months.

If you have questions or want more information, contact Program Director Ana Campanile at ana@goodbeginningscentralvt.org

All visitors must complete our application process, criminal background check and reference checks. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older and have prior experience with infants 0-3 months old. ​All visitors have the opportunity for shadowing with the Programs Director prior to visiting independently. All visitors also have access to ongoing training throughout the year.

“I’m really grateful that I had a volunteer come to my home in the first few months. I have a good home and I thought that people “more deserving” should have a volunteer instead of me, but she really added a lot to my relationship with my son.”  – Good Beginnings Participant

“I am honored to be a part of this team who have the same vision I have for mothers and babies.” – Good Beginnings Postpartum Angel