Grateful for our village…

We see it every day. The abundance of love, kindness, and community care within our amazing Central Vermont village. 

We see it in your quick responses to our Facebook post about a single parent in need of a twin carrier.  In the Baby Circle Time connection that blossomed into a friendship “IRL.” And the grateful parent who shared her appreciation for those precious minutes of snuggle time with her baby while her Postpartum Angel made a cup of tea.

We see it in our community partners.  In the incredible camaraderie each year on the State House Lawn at the Climb Out of the Darkness. In the dedicated birth professionals, health care providers and mental health clinicians, early educators, and wellness practitioners who go above and beyond each day to support new and expectant parents and their little ones.  Our friends in the business community who reach out to ask, “How can we help?”

And of course, we see it in our Postpartum Angel volunteers who amaze us each day with their generosity of spirit and their capacity to care, to listen, to be present for new parents.

At this time of year, we rejoice in these reminders of the strength of community.  Thanks to each of you for your part in the heartwarming moments that bring us joy.  

For more about how Good Beginnings – and our village – touched the lives of families last year, check out our 2020-21 Impact Report. And please know that, whatever your role in the community, and wherever you are on your parenting journey, you are an important part of our Good Beginnings village!

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