What is Climb Out of the Darkness®?

This annual, worldwide event is coordinated by Postpartum Support International and is the largest awareness raising event devoted to perinatal mental health.

The Climb brings survivors, providers, and members of the community together, all over the globe, to shine a light on a darkness we often don’t speak about. Together, we gather near the solstice (the longest, brightest day of the year) to share stories of hope and celebrate recovery and to symbolize our ‘Climb’ Out of the Darkness.

Why is Good Beginnings Hosting a Climb? 

Every day, Good Beginnings sees families who are facing a variety of challenges in their transition to parenthood – regardless of having a specific mental health condition or diagnosis.

We are hosting a Climb Out of the Darkness to help shine a light on the fact that postpartum mood and anxiety disorders are the most common complication of childbirth – and often go undiagnosed. Our Climb will also raise funds to support Good Beginnings’ unique and critical work to support all Central Vermont families during the perinatal period and throughout the transition to parenthood. Please join us!

What can I do?

  • Join us on the State House Lawn on June 25! See below for how to join the climb.
  • Donate to our Climb. Your donation will help fund GBCV’s unique and critical work here in Central Vermont, as well as PSI’s programs to support the mental health of new parents worldwide.
  • Show your support by joining our Central VT Climb Team Page.  
  • Spread the word by sharing the Facebook Event or our Team page with friends, family, and colleagues.
  • Raise money.





Everyone is welcome! Fundraising is optional.

*Worldwide, the impact of the Climb is measured by the total number of individual participants registered.  By joining our Team Page, you contribute to the global impact of this event – whether or not you choose to raise money or attend on June 25th.

How do I join the team?

  • From the Central Vermont team page: Click the ‘JOIN TEAM’ button.
  • Then you’ll be asked to provide your first and last name and create a login ID and password.
  • If you’d like, upload a profile picture!
  • Don’t forget to enter your t shirt cut and size. Participants will receive a free t-shirt from PSI if they raise $100 by May 15th.
  • You can also enter the name of participants registering with you. Like your kids!
  • Set your end date to June 25th at 10 AM.
  • On your dashboard click JOIN TEAM. You may have to search for team by name: Team central Vermont.
  • Confirm your join team.

How does fundraising work?

Once you join our Team Page, you have the option to share your profile with friends and families and invite them to support you by donating.

The money you raise will bring community support to postpartum families locally and worldwide.  

  • 75% of funds raised at our Climb go directly to the Good Beginnings Postpartum Angel Family Support Program.  
  • 12.5% goes to PSI’s free information, support, and resources available to postpartum families here in Central Vermont and worldwide, including their confidential Warmline, online support groups, and more.
  • 12.5% goes to the Perinatal Action Fund, started with funds from the closure of Postpartum Progress. The PAF provides funds for training and education in the under-served communities.

Anyone who raises at least $100 by May 15th receives a free Climb 2022 T-shirt.

For more information about how to customize your individual fundraising page, contact us at info@goodbeginningscentralvt.org.

How can local businesses support the climb?

Sponsoring the Climb is a great way for community-minded businesses and other local organizations to show their support. We have three sponsorship levels ($100, $250, $500) and sponsors will be recognized on social media and at the event. To learn more about sponsorship benefits, please contact Gretchen at 802-595-7953 or by emailing gelias@goodbeginningscentralvt.org.

Thanks to this year’s Climb sponsors: